Sacrament of Matrimony

Regulations for the Florist

We are happy to welcome you into Our Lady of Lourdes Church. We hope that you consider it a privilege to be working in this church and for the couple who is to be married. Our church is a beautiful backdrop for your flowers, and therefore, we suggest simplicity as a general rule.

We recommend that you visit the church prior to making your arrangements so that you may see for yourself the placing and volume needed. X months in advance of your wedding in order to assure that all aspects of your ceremony are attended to. At that time, the Director will consult with you and make an appointment, if needed.

The following regulations are designed to preserve the dignity and beauty of the Sacrament of Matrimony and are in no way intended to be an encroachment of the rights of anyone.
  • Only two bouquets are permitted to be placed in the sanctuary area.
  • No flowers, decorations, or bows may be taped, nailed, or tacked to the pews.
  • Access to the center aisle from the pews is not to be blocked by decorations.
  • Florists are allowed in the church one hour before the scheduled time of the wedding. We request that trucks and staff from florists not block the entrance to the church or interfere with the bridal party or guests of a wedding taking place ahead of the one the florist is in charge of.
  • The florist must clean any litter involved in the placing of flowers.
  • The flowers should remain in the church after the wedding ceremony is completed.

Photographer and Video Services

Photographs can be a lasting memory of a very significant, solemn, and happy occasion for them. Therefore, it is important that we do not detract from the celebration and the ceremony.

  • Photographers and video operators are to be professionally dressed.
  • Photographers and video operators are permitted to take pictures during the ceremony as long as this does not disrupt the ceremony in any way.
  • The photographer and video operator must speak with the priest before the wedding ceremony begins.
  • The photographer or video operator must not approach the Altar during the wedding ceremony or block the center aisle during the processional or recessional.
  • Do not delay the start of the ceremony with picture taking.
  • Do not take longer than necessary with picture taking after the ceremony, particularly if there is another wedding following.
  • No studio-style big lights are allowed in church at any time.
  • The photographer and video operator are expected to clean up all their material and items related to their work.
  • The priest will indicate to the video operator the best spot to set up the camera.