Message from Most. Reverend Thomas G. Wenski


My Dear Family of Our Lady of Lourdes,

Each summer we participate in the Missionary Cooperative Program of the Archdiocese of Miami. Through this program, the Archdiocese welcomes priests, religious and lay missioners from around the world to visit our parishes and share their missionary experiences, successes and challenges in building up the Kingdom of God and serving those most in need.

The Holy Father’s “Share the Journey” campaign, encourages us to promote a culture of encounter, in which we enter into the lives of others who are afflicted and suffering and listen to their stories. The Mission Cooperative Program provides us this opportunity. In every corner of the world the church lives its missionary nature by working to "bring the Good News to the poor," and promoting the dignity of every human being.

This program provides a major source of funding for many ongoing missionary efforts. In 2017 we, in the Archdiocese of Miami, raised over $404,900 for 36 mission groups who serve all over the world. We hope to continue this successful contribution to the global mission of the Church in 2018, and the Archbishop asks for our support in once more welcoming our missionary brothers and sister.

This year the Archbishop has invited the Diocese of Sultanpet, India to send a missionary representative to visit Our Lady of Lourdes. The Diocese of Sultanpet is a young diocese, created in 2013, and serves the Latin Rite Catholics of Kerala in southwest India. Now in the diocese there are 28 diocesan priests and 27 religious priests working in 28 parishes and 56 mission centers. There are also 120 religious nuns serving in the diocese. Let us take this opportunity to help them in their efforts that the blossoming Church in Kerala may flourish in the years ahead.

Msgr. Schwanger