English Groups:

Corpus+Spiritum Walk/Run


Ghiocarlo Quiroz

(305) 803-6304

  • Saturdays, 6:15am – Southwest parking lot (walk starts at 6:30am)

This group uses the power of walking and running to strengthen the spiritual bonds of the community by providing an opportunity to journey together in prayer and sharing one mile at the time.

In addition our group aims to improve the physical, emotional and social health of the individuals that participate.

All fitness levels welcomed.

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you? (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)

Cursillos de Cristiandad


Carmen C. Rodriguez

(787) 459-7937

  • Fridays, 8:00 pm - Room 119

“Cursillos” is a movement of the Church that makes possible to live and coexist what is fundamental to the Christian life; helps one to describe one as a human being who makes possible the creation of groups that will evangelize the environments.

A “Cursillo” doesn’t pass, one lives it. It is an Experience that begins on a Thursday night and goes all the way until Sunday finishing with the “Closing”. Many have describe “Cursillos” as the “Cruise of the Soul” or “The best detergent for the Soul”. What is for sure is that “cursillos” allows you to discover o rediscover the love of Christ to share it with your brothers and sisters. Look Forward to see you! De Colores!

Emmaus Experience for Men and Women


Men - English: Ernie Rodriguez

(305) 582-8819

Men - Spanish: Jose M. Rodriguez

Women - English: Katia Gauchier

Women - Spanish: Lourdes Aldana

  • Men - English 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 8:15pm - Room 118
  • Men - Spanish 2nd & 4th Tuesday, 8:15pm - Room 118
  • Women - English Tuesdays, 8:15pm - Room 114
  • Women - Spanish Wednesdays, 8:15pm - Room 120M

The Emmaus retreat program is a diocesan-approved weekend retreat that takes place three times a year. It’s open to all men and women ages 20 or older seeking to grow in their relationship with Christ regardless of their present level of faith and practice. The purpose of the weekend is to give adults the opportunity to reflect upon themselves, their relationship with God and their community.

Emmaus is a Catholic retreat program that is open to people of all Christian faiths. It provides its participants the opportunity to reconnect with what matters and share their faith journeys in a loving community. Time is set aside for personal reflection on our lives, our world and our God.

Marriages in Victory


Armando Portales & Yesmin Portales

  • Wednesdays, 8:15 pm - St. Bernadette Hall

Matrimonios en Victoria/Marriages in Victory is a lay Catholic international movement and an apostolate in the Archdiocese of Miami with emphasis on marriage enrichment. Through a combination of retreats both in Spanish and English, and weekly follow-up meetings at its various communities, the movement strives to strengthen the married couple's commitment to growing in their faith and marriage relationship as they discover God's unique plan for their marriage, and to receiving the necessary spiritual and practical tools to achieve this.

Its main objective is the sanctification of marriage as the fundamental cell of the family, the Church and society. Evangelization, prayer and service are at the heart of all MEV/MIV its various ministries. Among these, the ministry of "Niños en Victoria" offers faith formation and growth to the children while their parents attend their community meetings.

There's also the ministry of "Mamás en Victoria," open to all mothers in the Archdiocese; it provides faith formation and the necessary tools to accomplish their motherhood with the help of the Word of God and Church teachings. The movement also has a weekly radio program, "Hombre y Mujer los Creó," which is aired live by Radio Paz .

Therefore, a man leaves his father and mother to join his wife and the two become one flesh (Genesis 2:24).

School of Evangelization


English: José Viana


Spanish: Jesus Rivas

(786) 294-2135

  • English: Thursdays, 8:15pm - Room 112
  • Spanish: Thursdays, 8:15pm - Room 114

We teach courses that effectively prepare every Catholic to carry out the mission of our Church: to evangelize and be witnesses of Jesus in our lives. We wish to confirm once more that the task of evangelizing all people constitutes the essential mission of the Church” (Pope Paul VI, Evangelii Nuntiandi, 1974).

Although categorized as a parish ministry, the School of Evangelization (SOE) is really an institution of learning and evangelization development. Under the direction of Comunidad Siervos de Cristo Vivo, a lay movement of the Archdiocese of Miami, we currently offer three courses in English: Philip, Isaiah, and Paul. Our objective is to form many evangelizers in our parish, in our homes, in our places of work, all working together to create a new consciousness in our Church, following the instructions we received from Jesus Christ when he said: “Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature.” Participants interested in becoming part of SOE must first complete the 3 courses.

English Groups