English Groups:

Camino Neocatecumenal


José Gómez

(786) 285-3938

  • Meetings: Third Wednesday of Every Month, 7:30pm - OLOL Hall

The Neocatecumenal way focus in a catechesis founded on The Word of God—Liturgy—Community, helping others to grow in charity for others, grow in knowledge of Faith and to establish a relationship with Jesus Christ. Lived in small Communities called to live in humility, simplicity y worship like the Family of Nazareth, with people of any age, social condition, mentality or different cultures, that along with the structure of the parish and in communion with the bishop, revive in its fullness the Baptismal promises.

The servant of God Saint John Paul II said that the Neocatecumenal way takes to the live of lay people, to families, and parish communities, the richness of vocations to the priesthood, religious life, revealing as “an itinerary of catholic formation valid for the society and the actual times”

Comunidades de la Nueva Evangelizacion


Giancarla Heredia

(786) 344-3100

  • Lunes, 8:15pm - Aula 112
  • Ultimo lunes de mes, 8:00pm - OLOL Hall

We focus on the urgency of a new spiritual revival, fighting against the religious indifference that the world lives in, with a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. We work to be obedient disciples to learn from Him to be instruments of the Holy Spirit, so that Jesus is found, followed, loved, proclaimed and share with all.

Our goal is that all can discover God from personal encounter with Jesus, held once a year, so all can change their lives, by taking formation and growing spiritually in sharing Prayer and the Word in the weekly meetings; loving one another with the same love that Christ gave us, one spirit, one mind, one heart, Jesus Christ, salvation and eternal life.

Council of Catholic Women



Nancy Gonzalez

(786) 493-8184

  • Meetings: Every Third Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm - BFI Hall

We are a National Organization of Catholic Women which supports, empowers, and educates all Catholic women in spirituality, leadership, and service.

We support local church events, carry the Catholic Bishops’ message to state legislators, and participate in local and international charitable activities.

Couples for Christ


Raffy & Minda Villanueva

(305) 226-4375

  • Fridays, 7:30 pm - Room 118

Couples for Christ seeks to raise up Christian families under the lordship of Jesus Christ. On going activities include small prayer cell meetings, daily community devotions at 6 pm by Prayer Warriors, scriptural teaching by Unit Head leaders, and sharing the gospel through evangelization. Couples for Christ is a pro-life advocate which will defend life as a gift from God.

CFC members are active participants in parish life at Our Lady of Lourdes CFC reaches out to families through its various ministries: Couples for Christ, Handmaids of the Lord, Youth for Christ, Kids for Christ, Singles for Christ, and Servants of the Lord.

Marriage Encounter Retreats are offered to help couples improve and renew their relationship. CFC participates in annual national conferences, and assists with a movement to defend the poor, the sick, and victims of natural calamities.

Escoge Children


Manuel and Waleska García

(305) 283-4985

(305) 962-7386

  • Every other Thursday, 6:30pm to 7:45pm - Room 119

Escoge children is a group of kids between the ages of 8 and 13 seeking to share their faith and grow closer to God. Through learning more about God’s word, the group seeks to go forth and spread God’s love through service and through obedience to His will. Meetings revolve around Sunday’s gospel, associating it with social issues and topics of interest for the children. The children have fun while learning about our Lord Jesus Christ, and the doctrines of our Church.

Escoge Ministerio de Evangelización


Jesus Rivas

(786) 294-2135

  • Wednesdays, 8:15 pm - Room 115

Escoge is a Ministry of Formation and Evangelization. The purpose of this Ministry is to go deep in our Faith, to evangelize with the Word of God, to be missionaries of the Lord. And all this we do through talks, activities and our retreats.

Escoge is founded in the Salesian spirituality (D. Bosco) because the salesian sees him or herself as a life member of the living Church, working in communion with all: lay person, priests, religious. The patron of the Ministry is Saint Lorenzo whose feast is on August 10th.

Escoge PATH


Cristina Fernandez

(305) 386-4121 Ext. 106

  • Tuesdays, 7:45pm to 9:30pm - School Music Room

14 through 18 years of age

Our mission is to empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today.To draw young people to responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the Catholic faith community. To foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person.


Knights of Columbus


Andres Arrazola

  • Every 1st Thursdays, 8:15pm - Room 120

From the moment of our founding in 1882, charity has been the first principle of the Knights of Columbus. We are men of faith and men of action. Our charitable activities encompass an almost infinite variety of local, national and international projects.

From international charitable partnerships with Special Olympics, the Global Wheelchair Mission and Habitat for Humanity to our own Food for Families and Coats for Kids projects and other purely local charities, the opportunity to work together with fellow Knights and their families is virtually endless.

If you’d like to be a part of an international organization of more than 1.8 million Catholic men whose principal work involves helping others in need, we’d like to meet you and invite you to join us.

Spirituality Children of the Mother of God


  • Mondays, 7:30pm - OLOL Hall
  • Last Monday of the Month, 7:30pm - St. Bernadette Hall

The way of life is what gives identity, the identity of Christ, who Is who He is because He is God. If the Christian is a Christian is because he or she is like Christ, if not cannot be called a Christian. He or she might be a false Christian or a pseudo Christian, but not a Christian because neither is or acts like Christ.

By this all shall recognize you are my disciples: if you have love for one another (John 13:35)

Join us in living in the style of Jesus Christ.



Myrna Alvarez

(305) 387-6061

We invite you to host the Vocational Chalice for one week in your home to pray for and foster vocations to the priesthood and religious life. The Vocational Chalice is a wonderful instrument of prayer and devotion for our parish families.

The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest. (Luke 10:2))

Young Once Ministry


Besonia Sosa

(786) 267-2626

  • Mondays, 2:00pm - Bishop Isern Hall

This group is for all retired people about age 60 and up to join us for a variety of activities and entertainment including painting, drawing, music, dance and exercise, just to name a few. If some of you have a skill such as knitting, crochet, jewelry making, art and craft, etc, we appreciate and encourage you to share your talent with our group.

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