Word From the Pastor


My Dear Family of Our Lady of Lourdes,

I had a very interesting meeting with the Archbishop the other day. We were discussing our moving forward on “Living the Faith” more fully and on our plans to fund the ministries of the parish solely from the regular support of the parish that we o er through Faith Direct and the weekly collection. He seemed to be cautiously optimistic and let me know of another “stewardship parish” here in Florida that might be able to help guide us as we move forward.

During that meeting we spoke of our parish school as well. I mentioned that we wanted to make formation and education in our school available to all our active parish families. He wondered whether it was not already available to everyone, even those on a tight budget, since we have  nancial aid available and the State of Florida provides some assistance through its Step Up program. I answered that I thought we had many families who still  nd it di cult, if not impossible, to send their children to the parish school due to  nances. Later, I wondered whether that was true or was it an unfounded assumption that I had made. Count this column as an attempt to answer that question.

I would like to know if there are any among our parish family who would like to send their children to our parish school but who hesitate due to family  nances. If the parish were to cover tuition for our active families would you like a place in the school for your children? If so, please send me an email at letting me know of your interest and include in that email your parishioner number and the grades your children would be entering next year. If there is interest, such support will be part of our pastoral plan.

Msgr. Schwanger