Message from Msgr. Schwanger


My Dear Family of Our Lady of Lourdes,

Donít believe it when people say things slow down in the summer. Here at Our Lady of Lourdes life keeps on moving! In the coming weeks we have much to give thanks for and celebrate.

Firstly, let us give thanks to God for having had the blessing of Fr. Javier with us. He has been very generous in giving of himself and our parish family is stronger for having had him with us. It is a special blessing for us to have had him with us during his first years of ministry as a priest.

We know that he will continue to be a part of our parish family and will be with us throughout the years ahead; both because of the connection one always has with his first parish and because of the great love he has for our Blessed Mother. I expect to have him with us on pilgrimage throughout the years ahead! We will say farewell next weekend, June 2nd and 3rd. Fr. Javier will be with us for the weekend Masses to say goodbye.

Secondly, we will have another newly ordained priest with us at Our Lady of Lourdes, Fr. Omar Ayubi. We get to meet him and find out more about him the weekend following Fr. Javierís farewell. Fr. Omar joins us at Our Lady of Lourdes on the weekend of June 9th and 10th and then sets off with us, and Fr. Javier, on the pilgrimage to Lourdes. What a wonderful way to start!

Finally, speaking of our pilgrimage to Lourdes, we will be collecting petitions to take with us to the Sanctuary of Lourdes on the weekend of June 9th and 10th. We will also be collecting them at our Rosary Candlelight Procession on June 11th. That procession will be for us a beginning of our journey to the Sanctuary of Lourdes and a way to connect those who will travel with the rest of the parish family here in Miami. Come and join us!.

Msgr. Schwanger