Calendar of Activities - April 2020

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All activities are suspended until further notice. | Todas las actividades se suspenden hasta nuevo aviso.


  • AR Art Room
  • BFI Bishop Fernando Isern Hall
  • Chu Church
  • Cha Chapel
  • CR Conference Room
  • NCR New Conference Room
  • ER Expansion Room
  • Kit Kitchen
  • MR Music Room
  • MS Middle School
  • OA Outside Altar
  • PH Parish Hall
  • PL Parking Lot
  • Rm School Classroom
  • Sc School
  • SL School Library
  • StB St. Bernadette Hall
  • SDLM Capilla Señor de los Milagros
  • TBA To Be Assigned
  • TL Teachers Lounge
  • OCR Office Conference Room
  • LB Library